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Drywall Installation services

Are you having problems of any kind with your drywall? Our drywall installation services are available to you! Despite the fact that drywall is prone to damage from outside sources, CB improvements can offer you drywall installation and repair services.

We understand that with time, several factors such as ordinary wear and tear, dampness and wall decorations may negatively impact your walls and result in damage. But don’t panic! We’ve got you covered. For essential drywall installation and repair services, residents of the Memphis city area can use our professional services.

Included in our drywall-installation package are the following parts and choices:

drywall installation
drywall installation
Victor Reyes
I’m giving a 5 star because CB Improvements made my mothers old school living room into a brand new modern looking living room. Their painting services are great. They took the old 70s wallpaper off the walls. My mom was so happy with the upgrade.

And The price was fair as well. I’ll have them come to do the exterior next time! 10/10 recommend!
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Britnie Ann
I needed to have my exterior garage door and trim painted, I called these guys up and they came within that week and did a fantastic job! I was more than satisfied, and I referred them when my friend was preparing a nursery for her new baby.

They were very helpful and patient with her when she could not make up her mind on a color.
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Alexis Foxman
did an exceptional job painting both the exterior of our house and the living room. Their attention to detail was evident in the crisp lines and flawless finish.

The transformation brought new life to your home’s appearance, making it a standout in the neighborhood.
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professional drywall installation services

For an inspection and measurement evaluation, get in touch with CB Improvements. You’re plumbing and electrical lines will be properly protected when our team of specialists visits for an assessment.

It will be up to you to decide what kind of wall covering you want drywall or sheetrock and to what exact specifications.

We’ll reexamine the wall to make sure the electrical circuits and any other things you have requested have been included. Final details will be added such as suitable painting to enhance the appearance of your walls.

Before After before drywall installationafter drywall installation

Drywall Repair services

Are you in need of drywall repair? With accuracy, professionalism, and excellent customer service, CB Improvements offers drywall repair in Tennessee and Mississippi. If your home is modern, gypsum wallboard is probably used throughout the inside. It’s okay if you don’t know what it is; you’re just overly concerned about the drywall. Others are aware that it’s sheetrock.

Whatever you call it, your drywall suffers greatly from the regular use of your house. If you have children and pets, it gets considerably worse. After a year or two of residence, the drywall will most likely start to show dings and cracks. It may also start to rip from the joint tape that holds it together.

In addition to the visual damage to your home, you’ll need to take care of a drywall issue if you choose to paint the interior of the house a different color. You will still need to take care of the drywall issue if you want to update the color of the current paint and give the property a makeover.

Diffuser repair is a DIY project that you can complete on your own, just like any other. To get it right, though, you’ll need to set aside enough time and the appropriate resources. Good luck with that if you have children or pets roaming around the house.

Why don’t you just let the professionals handle your drywall repair instead of taking a chance? CB Improvements is available to assist locals living in the Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville, Millington, Southhaven, Horn Lake and Hernando areas.

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Do you do small repairs?

A doorknob hit is one of many common drywall repair problems that can occur in a home. It appears when you repeatedly and aggressively push a doorknob. This is another difficulty that you will encounter frequently if you have children. The doorknob will pierce your drywall when you close the door forcefully.

Although the doorknob dent appears to be quite severe, it is essentially a straightforward drywall repair job. We will finish the entire process in a couple of minutes at CB Improvements.

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drywall repairing process

First we cover the dent with a patch. After that, we push joint compound through the mesh, sand it a little and apply a new coating of compound that is thinner. This process is repeated repeatedly. We paint, prime and sand the area until it is barely visible.

Of course, there are other issues with drywall restoration besides the doorknob depression. In addition, there are fractures beneath the window, drooping ceilings, and damage to the corner beads. It will take some skill and delicacy to treat these, but don’t worry we’re the perfect people to manage it.

The kinds of drywall services we provide are as follows:

after drywall installation

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