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Skilled Cabinet painter

Skilled cabinet painters will improve the appearance of your kitchen.
Consider hiring a contractor to paint your cabinets if you have rusted hinges, dull surfaces, peeling paint, or other issues. Your first instinct when you enter the kitchen is to gaze at the cabinets. Soiled and dingy cabinets might take away from the room’s aesthetic appeal. The cheapest option to update your cabinets is to paint them a new color.

It may seem easy enough to paint your cabinets, but it couldn’t be further from reality. Painting cabinets correctly requires a great deal of care and attention to detail. You will soon have to repaint them if you rush into it. Instead, take your time and do them well. Correctly painting your cabinets will certainly take a lot longer than you had imagined, even if it seems like a simple task.

Hire a pro like CB Improvements for the best cabinet painting results. Because we are familiar with the nuances of cabinet painting, you can trust that the work will be completed correctly.

Cabinet Painting
kitchen remodeling in Memphis, TN
Victor Reyes
I’m giving a 5 star because CB Improvements made my mothers old school living room into a brand new modern looking living room. Their painting services are great. They took the old 70s wallpaper off the walls. My mom was so happy with the upgrade.

And The price was fair as well. I’ll have them come to do the exterior next time! 10/10 recommend!
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Britnie Ann
I needed to have my exterior garage door and trim painted, I called these guys up and they came within that week and did a fantastic job! I was more than satisfied, and I referred them when my friend was preparing a nursery for her new baby.

They were very helpful and patient with her when she could not make up her mind on a color.
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Alexis Foxman
did an exceptional job painting both the exterior of our house and the living room. Their attention to detail was evident in the crisp lines and flawless finish.

The transformation brought new life to your home’s appearance, making it a standout in the neighborhood.
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Different types of kitchen cabinets

Most homeowners think they have straightforward, unadorned wood cabinets when asked. And to some extent, this is probably true. But there are several varieties of wood, and painting them all calls for a unique technique. Before painting your cabinets, you should determine whether they are made of particleboard, plywood, solid wood, or something else entirely.

Additionally, you should ascertain whether you have laminate or veneers. In many cases, cabinets are even built using multiple materials.

Why does this matter? The incorrect kind of paint will cause it to peel or chip too soon. Never purchase paint without first determining the kind of surface you want to paint. If so, you might have to redo the work sooner rather than later.


The many steps required for perfectly painted cabinets

To get the best painted cabinet outcomes, it’s essential to follow these steps:

After reading this list, there’s a strong probability that you began to perspire. Just consider how long it would take to finish the procedure. For this reason, a lot of individuals prudently choose to have CB Improvements handle this meticulous task on their behalf.

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Cabinet Painting

Our dedication to reducing disturbance in your house is what makes us unique. You can continue to use your kitchens, bathrooms bedrooms normally during the procedure because a large portion of the work is completed in our own shop. Simply slide everything back to give us more workspace without interfering with your daily schedule as opposed to emptying out your cabinets.

CB Improvements is a qualified and insured team that applies this same level of competence to every stroke. Experience a world where our team of skilled cabinet painters combines superior craftsmanship with the aesthetic appeal of your cabinets. Our dependable team is committed to enhancing your kitchen to its full potential with accuracy and expertise, making it a fashionable and lively retreat.

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We prioritize your needs. Our customer-centric philosophy ensures personalized service and satisfaction.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Rest easy knowing that your home improvement project is backed by our comprehensive 1-year warranty. We stand by our workmanship and materials.

Punctuality Matters

Our commitment to punctuality means you can rely on us. We provide a comprehensive timeframe for your home improvement projects, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Budget Clarity

Transparency matters, at CB Improvements we discuss all charges upfront during the estimate, so you know exactly what to expect.

Risk-Free Investment

Invest with confidence with CB Imprivements . Our full insurance coverage and licensing guarantee a worry-free experience.

Let our professionals paint your cabinets

Of course working with a competent expert is the ideal approach to achieving professional outcomes. CB Improvements can tackle any painting project you throw at us– since we have a ton of practical expertise. We have some of the top painters in the business.

We keep raising the bar because we have extremely high standards. We always promise to make you completely happy.

Painting your cabinets will give you the desired look without breaking the bank if you want to –renovate your kitchen on a budget. Painting moldings and doors is another area of expertise of our team.

The center of attention in the space will now be your specially painted cabinets. Get an estimate from us right now for our expert cabinet painting services.

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why you should choose us over competitors

Here are Three main reasons why you should choose CB Improvements over our competitors in Memphis and surrounding suburbs for quality home improvement needs.

Reputation Matters

We’ve built a solid reputation in the industry. Clients trust us due to our consistent excellence and positive reviews.

Trustworthy & Reliable

Clients choose us because we’re dependable. Our transparent communication and commitment build trust.

Competitive Pricing

CB Improvements offers fair and competitive pricing. We provide value without compromising on quality.

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